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Desiree's Response about Sophie the SAR Ridgeback in Training Part 3

Desiree's Response about Ridgeback Training Part 3

Desiree's Response about Ridgeback Training Part 2

Sophie the SAR dog at 11 months of age.

At 11 months of age, Sophie understands training for a search versus just going for a hike. © photo by Desiree  >

Desiree: The key, I've found, to controlling Sophie, is straight out of Cesar Millan...maintain a calm, assertive attitude. Calmly tell her "no" and start over as many times as it takes.

Ebbey the Canine Actor hears a noise while out hiking in bear country.

Also, a BIG difference between Sophie and every other dog I've ever worked with, including my pit bull, is that "sit" doesn't necessarily mean "sit" in the front yard if I taught it to her in the back yard. She does not apply across situations. So training is extremely time consuming because you have to teach "sit" lots of places and under tons of distractions. Plus she gets bored at light speed with repetition. So consistency is VERY VERY important. Fail to enforce something or respond differently one time and you have to retrain. I think all of that is actually a factor of her extremely high intelligence. She picks up on variation much more quickly than other dogs.

Ebbey the Canine Actor hears a noise while out hiking in bear country.

As far as socialization, she's friendly with other dogs but puppies try her patience. She likes having doggy friends and coincidentally, one of her best friends is a golden retriever. She is OK with small dogs and dogs that are older than her. She gets a bit uppitity with dogs her own age with less dominance than her. And that's not hard to achieve as Sophie thinks God ceded the known universe over to her government on the 8th day. She isn't dog aggressive but will enforce her will with Machiavellian (cunning) techniques. Her canine siblings have learned to leave her food and her things alone, and to behave with due defference, so they get along fine.

Introduction Read This BEFORE Getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback.                                            A thumbnail photo showing Sophie the 4 month old Rhodesian ridgeback puppy. Desiree's Response about Sophie Part 3

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